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Retail detail — hot tips for cool fall fashion

Fall fashion is here and with it comes a few new rules. It’s time for the men to pack away those ugly denim shorts and the ladies to let go of their white pants. I just saw a lovely lady wearing white pants at KatManDu and, while they looked really good on her, I believe in the rule that white pants are for late spring and summer wear only.

One of the biggest trends this fall is corduroy. Gap, J. Crew and Banana Republic are three of the top retail stores that supply both men and women with corduroy, but Gap has the best deals. Women can find a large variety of Low Rise Boot Cut Cords ($49.50), which come in almond, camel, brown, black, red, teal and blue. For men, Gap provides three different styles of cords, relaxed boot fit, worker and loose ($44 each).

American Eagle Outfitters has launched a “re-issue” of past fashion trends, which heavily borrows from the 60s, 70s and 80s. American Eagle is having a huge sale, where women’s and men’s jeans and cargo pants are as low as $24.95. Men should check out the AE Morrison Boot Cut jean.

Abercrombie is still riding the success of its “vintage” line and I have to ask myself, “do they ever change their marketing style?” The best deal for men’s merchandise is the Abercrombie button down shirts which come in a variety of colors and seem to be made with good quality.

Another good buy is the Wanika Falls Track Jacket ($59.50), which comes in gray, blue and brown and can serve as a wonderful central piece for an entire wardrobe. But beware of Abercrombie’s Beckhorn Trail Tweed Blazer ($350), they are poorly made and way over priced.

Women who shop at Abercrombie should stay away from the Dillon Military Cord Jacket ($79.50) because the cord jackets at J.Crew and Gap are cuter and come in more colors. Abercrombie always sells several risqu? tees and the best one for women this fall is “What’s his name is so good to me.” Wear one of those to a frat party or bar and you are sure to stick out in the crowd, and maybe even get your beer a little quicker.

I asked my friend Melissa what she would stress as a must-have fall item and she practically screamed accessories. I have to agree with her. Recently, I wore a “nudist” necklace that I had bought at Abercrombie and Fitch and I received several compliments on it. Don’t neglect your accessories. Watches, purses, belts and necklaces – they make an outfit.


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