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You’ve got a one-hit wonder!

Summer was seemingly normal. There was the standard part-time job, days at the shore and at least one family function.

But there was one glaring exception to the mundane swelter. Over the airwaves a provocative, booty shaking anthem implanted its dance hall beat and ridiculous lyrics into my mind for the whole summer – “Cameltoe.”

I don’t think any woman left the house without a quick check in the mirror and a mental playback of the frontal wedgie warning (“Uh huh that’s right, uh huh oh no,! Fix yaself girl, you got a cameltoe”). Those who didn’t take the time to avoid crotch hugging pants and shorts certainly were targets to everyone else familiar with FannyPack’s single.

Three Brooklyn girls and two DJs have changed my thoughts on gimmick songs for good, or at least until another one comes along and fades away with the likes of “Put it in Your Mouth” and “Rump Shaker.” Like the aforementioned dirty songs, “Cameltoe” will be on the playlists of the borderline-sleazy DJs we hire for our weddings. There is no way around it. Just face it.

Though the catchy dance track may seem to have fallen off of your mix CD rotations for good, there is an entire album filled with songs of equal or greater dance party potential just waiting to be sampled.

“So Stylistic,” the debut album from FannyPack may seem like an embarrassment to have in your CD tower, but don’t hide it behind the “ultra-hip” albums like Radiohead’s “Hail to the Theif” on a Friday night after a few cocktails.

I find myself dancing to these songs while sober. Imagine what could happen when your favorite cheap light beer is added to the equation.

Some of my favorites include the title track “So Stylistic” and “Do It To It,” but really you can’t go wrong with any of the songs except the skits. Often found on rap albums, those spoken word skits in between songs are so unnecessary, especially when sung by high-pitched girls with New York accents.

Other than that, the rapping is sub-par, but the beats more than make up for it. It is more of a ridiculous hip-hop album than one you’d listen to for quality.

If you want something with substance put in some Nas, but if you want something to the equivalent of recorded Day-Glo, then FannyPack is the best pick.


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