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Mall’s fair in the game of hit or miss

So you want to go shopping? Me too. Grab your daddy’s credit card (I know I’ve got mine) and let’s head out to the greatest and most popular shopping destinations – places where many students can find their favorite stores.

#4 MarketFair

Well … at least it has a movie theater. MarketFair doesn’t offer much in terms of shopping – Gap and Pottery Barn are among the highlights. MarketFair does offer a decent amount of restaurants, including Americana Grille, T.G.I.Fridays. and Big Fish Seafood Bistro. The only reason I usually travel to MarketFair is for Barnes & Noble Booksellers, the closest one to the College. Its Starbucks coffee section provides a great study environment. MarketFair is approximately 17 minutes from campus.

Directions from the College: Route 31 north, to I-95N towards New York. Take exit #67 (Route 1 North, New Brunswick). Then take the Meadow Road jughandle across the highway and MarketFair is on your right.

#3 Quaker Bridge Mall

I used to work at this mall, so it’s not my favorite shopping destination because I spent too much time there. However, I cannot deny the convenience that this mall provides to the College’s students. Plus, it’s included in “The Loop” shuttle service and is only a little over 10 minutes away.

Quaker Bridge has the staple retail stores you can find at almost any mall – a large Gap, American Eagle, Old Navy, Limited, New York & Company and women’s Express. It also has a modestly sized men’s Express, Forever 21 and Eddie Bauer. The worst part of Quaker Bridge is that it doesn’t really have a food court. Compared to some of the shopping destinations further down the list, though it doesn’t compare.

Directions: Make a right out of the main entrance of the College to Route 31 North, take I-95N towards New York (I-295S). Take the US Route 1 exit (#67) towards New Brunswick, merge onto Route 1 North and the mall will be on your right.

#2 Palmer Square

Palmer Square makes its home in historic, downtown Princeton across the street from Princeton University. Palmer Square’s “big three” shopping destinations are Banana Republic, Gap and J Crew. There is also a Chico’s and Ann Taylor for when your mom comes to visit. Take her to Palmer Square for the fine dining – it has a great selection of bars, high-end eateries and several restaurants that are reasonably priced. You buy lunch and maybe she’ll buy you an outfit at Banana Republic. Makes you want to transfer, doesn’t it? Palmer Square is approximately 20 minutes from the College.

Directions: Route 31 North, to I-95N towards New York. Take exit #7B (Lawrenceville/Princeton) continue on Lawrenceville road (it winds and watch out for deer) make a right onto Nassau St. and a left onto Palmer Square.

#1 Oxford Valley Mall

My favorite mall is Oxford Valley and its only disadvantage is that it’s the furthest from the College. I know it’s a novel concept for some, but you have to actually leave New Jersey to get to it. Don’t be too scared though, it’s only 25 minutes away and well worth the trip. Oxford Valley, though a large mall like Quaker Bridge, offers so much more. It has all the stores that Quaker Bridge has, minus the Eddie Bauer, but it also has an Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister Co, Banana Republic and an actual food court! Oxford Valley provides a cleaner and more concise shopping experience than all the rest – it is any valley girl’s (or boy’s) dream come true.

Directions: Route 31 North to I-95S towards Pennsylvania. After you’re in PA, take exit #46A Morrisville to U.S. Route 1 North and get off at the Oxford Valley exit.


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