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NFL: What’s going on?

What is going on with the NFL? I know it’s only week five, and most of the predictions now will not stand at the end of the season, but the facts cannot be ignored.

Only one of the eight current divisional leaders, the Indianapolis Colts (5-0), went to the playoffs last year.

None of the top four teams in the NFL last year the Philadelphia Eagles – (2-2), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2), Tennessee Titans (3-2) or Oakland Raiders (2-3) – are in the top position of their divisions. My boys, the Bears, beat the Raiders last week. Even I can admit that’s not natural.

In the past four years, the NFL standings became a wild card. We saw four different teams (Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams) win the Super Bowl.

Only the St. Louis Rams made two Super Bowl appearances through the past four years.

This is why I love football – it’s completely unpredictable. If someone told me that the Carolina Panthers (4-0), Minnesota Vikings (5-0), Kansas City Chiefs (5-0) and the Indianapolis Colts (4-0 press time) would be undefeated this late into the season, I would have slapped him silly and called him a liar.

But look who’s the fool now. These teams are doing it, banding together and winning games not even their fans would expect them to win.

Last year in the AFC, 13 of 16 teams had a chance to make the playoffs within the last two weeks of the seasons.

While only six teams secured the coveted spots, it provided great suspense for the fans.

My housemate Meghan believes the whole NFL system is rigged for ratings, similar to wrestling.

I used to make fun of her, but the way things have been going (Carolina is winning for God’s sake!), I may begin to believe her.


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