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Winning streak stands at five

The Lions defeated Salisbury University and Eastern University, keeping their winning streak alive. The College, 10-1 overall, 3-0 New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC), defeated the Salisbury University Sea Gulls on Saturday, 4-1.

Prior to the game the Sea Gulls were undefeated with a nine-game winning streak.

Thursday’s game against Eastern University had a turnout of 3-0 for the Lions.

“We are ready,” Head Coach Sharon Pfluger said about the upcoming Salisbury game.

Sea Gulls Tracey Lloyd, freshman forward, scored their only goal at 15:09.

Junior forward Colleen Stamler of the Lions, tied the score at 24:08 with an assist from freshman midfielder Blair Alber.

With less than a minute left before the half, senior forward Jessica Hamway, with an assist from senior midfielder Jackie Levy, scored, putting the College up 2-1 against Salisbury.

Keeping the pressure on into the second half, Stamler laid goal three for the Lions in the net at 39:51.

Junior midfielder Kim Feeley completed the Lions’ win, 4-1, at 60:12.

Lions 3, Eagles 0

In the game against Eastern University, junior midfield Kim Feeley took two goals to the net for the Lions.

The first with an assist from senior defender Lauren Wooster at 14:54. Feeley scored again in the second half at 44:04.

“It was nice to see Kim Feeley score,” Head Coach Sharon Pfluger said after the game. “They were all team efforts.”

The last goal of the night was scored by senior midfielder Jackie Levy at 59:50. This was her ninth goal of the season. The Lions are staying strong despite their one loss to Montclair.

“I feel like we’re getting better every day,” Pfluger said. “We had that slip up in North Jersey. We learned some hard lessons from that game. Focus of ours now is to be a lot better than that day.”

In regard to what preparation they are undergoing now, Pfluger added, “Mostly our game, our performance. Attacking wise, offense, defense. Just a focus on our game.”

The College is ranked number three in the state currently.

Upcoming Game

The Lions will be playing against Drew University Rangers on October 16th.


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