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Janet’s Super Bowl Special

The New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers played some great football during Sunday night’s Super Bowl XXXVIII, but all anyone can seem to talk about is Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s jaw-dropping half-time performance.

At the end of the “Rock your body” duet when Timberlake sings, “Better have you naked by the end of this song,” Timberlake ‘accidently’ ripped off a piece of Janet’s outfit, revealing her breast to 89 million viewers around the world.

My housemates and I were shocked and quickly began to argue if that was her real breast.

MTV, Timberlake and Jackson representatives apologized for the incident, which Timberlake called a “wardrobe malfunction.”

This wardrobe malfunction may have been the biggest malfunction in the history of television and Jackson even admitted afterwards that she and Timberlake planed the event after final rehearsals. She further claimed that the red lace was supposed to cover her breast, but got ripped off with the black covering.

The show didn’t really get interesting until just before that moment anyway. Everyone was lip-synching and the halftime show only began to get good when Jackson and Timberlake were flirtatiously dancing together – reminding some viewers of their rumored love affair.

Despite the genuinely shocked look on their faces, I find it interesting that Justin pulled this stunt just months after Britney Spears locked lips with Madonna on MTV, making national news in the process. It’s also interesting to note that Janet Jackson has a new CD coming out at the end of March and for an aging pop star, any publicity is good publicity.

In the end, America got to see a pierced nipple when I can safely say that nobody was betting on that happening!


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