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Madonna, JT look hot but Christina, as usual, does not

At most award shows, the eclectic taste and trendy style of the stars dominate the results of the actual award show. However, at the 2004 Grammy Awards, most of the fashion choices were simple and even conservative.

Grammy award winner Christina Aguilera stood out for her fashion choices, remaining consistent with her poor outfit choices in the past. Who dresses this beautiful and amazingly talented woman? My 14-year-old sister could have done a better job. Her black hair was short, crimped and looked horrible.

She wore three different outfits and looked only half decent when she was performing “Beautiful” in a somewhat elegant suit.

Madonna came out to the Grammys and looked like she was about 20 years old. I love her, but she had to have gotten something done since the last time she made a public appearance – her skin was flawless. Madonna usually makes poor fashion choices, but her hot pink dress wasn’t that bad compared to what she usually wears.

Beyonc?, known for taking fashion chances, looked beautiful in her short, hot pink dress early in the broadcast but didn’t look so great when she was interviewed after the show in all of her golden glory. Beyonc?’s long, shiny, golden dress during the post-Grammy interview could be viewed by some as a miss. She should have taken some notes from Kylie Minogue, who looked amazing in her simple, elegant light pink dress.

Most of the men of the night didn’t try to stray too far from the traditional suit or tux and we should thank them for it. P. Diddy wore a white tuxedo during his interviews with the press after winning an award for his collaboration with Nelly. Justin Timberlake was stylin’ as well in his black suit and salmon-colored shirt.

No Doubt won Best Pop Performance for a Duo or Group with Vocal and should have won the style award of the night. Collectively, the group stayed true to its image and wore cute punk clothes with a modern flair for 2004.

Amy Lee of Evanescence would probably win the Worst Fashion award of the 2004 Grammy’s if Christina didn’t show up. While the tape on her dress did fit her gothic, Hot Topic image, I’m just not a fan.

Pop veterans stayed true to their image at the Grammys. George Clinton wore the same outfit he wears whenever he performs, with rainbow streaked hair. Sting wore an open shirt and was simply classic in his black suit. Even Prince was tame; he broke out his purple suit from 1986 for the special occasion during his performance with Beyonc?.


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