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iPods provide music on the go

Eight-tracks, the mini-disc, beepers as the precursor to cell phones, the iPod. Only time will tell if the booming iPod industry is just one of those quick to grow, quick to fade fads, or if it really has revolutionized the world of portable music.

Right now, we may have reached the peak of the iPod frenzy, and society has become, well, obsessed. Despite all of its quirks and drawbacks, you can’t help but fall in love with its click wheel and unfathomable music storage space. So in dedication, here is a list of things that people will do for the love of their iPod.

Keep it alive and well at all times

Advertised as being able to play eight hours of continuous music without recharging, iPod owners know it’s doubtful that iPods will last beyond six. Even portable CD players, which are notorious for sucking batteries dry, will last through the length of extended roadtrips. But this is an iPod and it therefore deserves our special treatment.

So what do we do? We pay a combined $100 for the car power adapter and the back-up battery pack (that of course can only be purchased at, so that we enjoy the wonders of our iPod 24 hours a day, no matter where we are.

Protect it from the harsh realities of life

So after paying upwards of $250 for an iPod, we wouldn’t want its touch-sensitive surface to get damaged. So back to we go to charge another $40 and buy the official iPod carrying case with a belt clip. Protective iPod cases can be found on other Web sites for less, but even the most savvy shopper gets sucked into the MP3 monopoly that Apple has created and will only buy accessories with the apple on it.

Permanently attach it to yourself

For the active Apple consumer, it would be a sin to leave a lonely iPod at home while going for a run or taking a trip to the gym. Therefore, we need to buy an armband because a belt clip is just not stable enough to withstand the jostling.

Following the same formula as the other Apple iPod accessories, this stretchy piece of nylon -which is only compatible with the iPod mini will run you up another $29. Just a small price to pay to keep our iPods attached at all times.

Wait, wait, wait, and wait some more

Is there any MP3 player that’s better than an iPod? Well, some might say the iPod mini tops the “bulky,” white, standard edition with its diminutive size and bright colors. Those who agree must have felt that the $250 mini was well worth the time they spent on a waiting list.

When the mini was first released, orders were backed up for weeks, even months. But it’s okay, this isn’t just any MP3 player we’re talking about.

Return to its homeland

Who can resist the modern, white decor of the few and far between Apple stores? Any iPod owner feels compelled to search out the nearest location, so they can see every over-priced iPod accessory that exists.

We love to compare our version to the newest models, test out the $100 speakers that attach to iPods and make it sound like a top-notch stereo and try on the in-ear headphones, which are definitely more comfortable than the awkward earbuds that come with the iPod.

Whether this over-priced, monopolizing consumer giant is here to stay or not, there is one certainty. Everyone who owns one loves it, and everyone who doesn’t wants one. So go ahead, spend exorbitant amounts of money on unnecessary accessories and buy into the Apple empire. It’s all for the love of the iPod.


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