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Dine in ‘Real World’-style at hip Philly establishment

As many of you know this season of “The Real World” was taped in Philadelphia. As a fan of “The Real World,” I was excited to see where its cast would go at night. I was not surprised when I saw that their first stop in Philadelphia was Swanky Bubbles, a restaurant/champagne bar, located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia.

Before I begin to review this restaurant I am going to give a disclaimer that Swanky Bubbles is expensive, it is in Philadelphia and one should dress in “fashionable” attire if going there. Now that I have lost half of my reading audience, I will continue with why it is such a fun and hip spot to check out.

Some may be asking, “So why should I go through all of this to get to a restaurant/champagne bar in Philadelphia?” Because the food is amazing, the atmosphere is chic and fun and if you are in the mood to explore, you will be in the heart of Old City, one of the hottest spots in Philadelphia.

The entrees offered at Swanky Bubbles are Pan-Asian, combining a fusion of French and Spanish influences. Swanky Bubbles prides itself in presenting a menu that encourages socializing by offering its entrees with sharing in mind. The menu offers larger portions, enabling one to order single, double, triple or quadruple portions of food. Entr?e prices range from $8 to $24.

In addition to the entr?e menu, Swanky Bubbles also offers a full menu of sushi. Of course I could not forget to mention its fabulous chocolate fondue, which is heavenly. It comes over a flame, surrounded by plenty of fruit, marshmallows and pieces of cake. I would say this is a must have at Swanky Bubbles. Another great feature of Swanky Bubbles is that one can make reservations to go there online at the restaurant’s Web site. Swanky Bubbles is also open late seven days a week, offering a full menu until 1 a.m.

I can’t write about Swanky Bubbles and not mention the place’s hip d?cor, which truly makes it “swanky.” The designer of the restaurant, Kevin Hale, designed the bar to be like the dream sequence in the nutcracker. I am not sure if that is exactly the feel of the bar, but it does come across as vibrant and youthful. The environment is enhanced by the red velvet sofas and the blue walls.

Unlike most bars in Philadelphia, the emphasis is not on the bar, but rather on the food and atmosphere of the restaurant. The drinks are expensive but delicious. They offer a full range of champagnes and signature martinis, such as their Sexual Chocolate Martini. Drinks range from $8 to a $450 for a bottle of champagne. I would suggest Swanky Bubbles as a jump-off point for a full night of fun in Old City. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is sleek and hip.

If you have never been to Old City, I would definitely recommend saving some money and taking a trip to visit the rich night life it has to offer. So get dressed in your “hottest” attire, bring some money to spend and a designated driver to Philadelphia, and you’ll be ready to live it up “Real World”-style.


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