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Letter: D.C. equality march lacked College faculty

On Sunday, Oct. 11 more than 65 College students traveled down to our nation’s capital in order to participate in the National Equality March.

This march was not only to catalyze progress in our nation’s policies which suppress gay rights — it was in essence a march for all civil rights.

This event was monumental — largely the result of grassroots organizations throughout the United States, tens of thousands of individuals crowded the streets of Washington D.C. hailing from all corners of the nation. As students of the College, we felt tremendously proud to be on the right side of United States history. To be surrounded by so much energy, love and tolerance was truly an amazing experience and the march was executed with the intent of a wholly just and democratic cause.

It is, however, unfortunate to note that only two members of the College faculty attended the march.

As members of the College community, students acknowledge that tolerance, awareness and community are integrated into the College’s pedagogical disciplines.

Many of the students on Sunday could not help but remark on the absence of our professors, our advisors, and our administrators. Particularly those credited with the fostering of community awareness and leadership, with utmost sincerity, you were missed.

We hope next time to see you there, beside us, practicing the values you so fervently preach.

Jessica Cantermen and the rest of the College equality marchers


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