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Some students are in need of a reality check

All students need to do their part to keep the College beautiful. (AP Photo)

By Mark Philip Azic

MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” has caused much fuss in the Garden State for making New Jersey look trashy. This criticism is overblown; “Jersey Shore” doesn’t make N.J. look nearly as trashy as students at the College do.

Last week, The Signal published the article, “Trenton makes, the College tastes.” The article recapped Eat Trenton, an event put on by the College Democrats, where local restaurants and musical artists came to the Brower Student Center to give students a taste of the best of Trenton. One thing the article failed to mention was the amount of garbage the College students left behind after the event.

Students left greasy plates and half- full cups all over the food court and the atrium. Obviously, walking over to one of the student center’s fifteen trash cans was too much to ask.

The crime of students not picking up after themselves is not limited to Eat Trenton. Students are routinely pigs. Get to the library early enough in the morning and you’ll find more garbage than on Fox News.

Shortly after the student center installed new couches and tables in the atrium, signs had to be scotch tapped to the tables. The signs feature “Oscar the Grouch” and remind students to please pick up after themselves. How nice!

Twenty-two-year-old college students need a Sesame Street character to remind them to throw out their crap.

Not only is leaving your trash around an eyesore to our campus, it’s also disrespectful. Someone, usually an employee or a fellow student, ends up having to clean up after you. Contrary to what you might like to believe, it is not their job to clean up after you — you’re expected to do that yourself. No doubt some students feel that throwing out garbage is below them and that they’re better than that.

For these students I’d like to pass along the message to please take your head out of your ass. You are not above anyone.

At Eat Trenton, local restaurants and musicians showed themselves to be gracious and classy; students at the College showed themselves to be immature and trashy. Nice!


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