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The ABCs of TCNJ – your guide to College culture

When the name of your school is an acronym, it tends to set the tone for students’ vocabs. With abbreviations galore, here is your guide to campus colloquialisms. No need to call poison control when someone tells you they’re getting a smoothie from the Rat. And now you won’t have to ask, “BTW, what’s a T-Dubs?”

Ambassadors: These students possess an abundance of school spirit and knowledge about our college. Dressed in rugby shirts, they provide campus tours.

Bonners: Scholars who focus on community service activities. Interested in volunteering at a soup kitchen or local school? They’re your go-to group.

The C-Store: A convenient place filled with snackfoods and microwaveable munchies. Located next to Eick and open until 1 a.m.

Doc-ed: If someone tells you they got doc-ed, it’s not a good thing. This means being written up for a violation of student code.

Eick (Eickhoff Hall): The dining hall that doubles as an upperclassmen dormitory.

Fat Shack: This late-night eatery has a likeness to Rutgers’ Grease Trucks, delivering sandwiches filled with chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, etc.

Gym (The Physical Enhancement Center): Located in Packer Hall. Tip: Call ahead to reserve a treadmill or elliptical. You’ll be glad you did.

Hassan: Craving a $5 pizza? This Dominator’s delivery driver is only a phone call away on Tuesday or Thursday – Sunday nights.

ID: One thing you never want to misplace. This holds your meal points and allows you access to your dorm. You should probably also memorize your 6-digit student ID number.

Jogging: At all hours, it’s not uncommon to see students jog along Metzger Drive (or “The Loop” encompassing campus). One lap is approximately 1.9 miles, and much more scenic than the gym.

Kendall: This hall features the school’s main stage. It also has classrooms and is home to WTSR.

Loop Bus: This yellow bus will pick you up outside the student center and drop you off at various locations, including Quaker Bridge Mall and Target.

Meal Equiv: Students with certain meal plans get $6.50 worth of food from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day. This means lunches from the Stud, Rat or Library Café.

NJ Transit: A savior for students without cars, the 601 bus stops outside the Student Center throughout the day, making stops at train stations in Trenton and Hamilton. From there, you can head to NYC, Philly and other locations.

Off-campus: Pretty self-explantory. Refers to locations, such as students’ homes, in the surrounding neighborhood of Ewing.

Points: Equivalent to dollars, the part of your meal plan used to purchase campus cuisine.

Quiet Hours: The time when residents are expected to be respectful of others’ studying. If you’re noisy, you may get doc-ed. Looking ahead: During finals week, there are 24-hour quiet hours.

The Rat (The Rathskellar): Home to greasy goodness and the College’s very own bar. Located in the Stud. You can also catch student musicians, magicians and other performers on its stage.

The Stud (Brower Student Center): Not the hunky jock in your math class. A central location on campus where you’ll find the bookstore, food and activities.

T-Dubs: Burritos, burgers and Ben & Jerry’s are only a swipe away at this spot located in the basement between Travers and Wolfe Halls. Open from 6 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Umbrella: You’ll be happy to have one of these on those rainy days. Trust me: Going to class drenched is an unpleasant experience. Rainboots are a plus.

Vagina Monologues: Each February, Women in Learning and Leadership presents Eve Ensler’s production, the goal of which is to stop violence against women.

WTSR: Tune into 91.3 FM to hear the College’s own radio station, which aims to “open your mind.”

eXams: In college, most tests are called this, and they count for a majority of your grade in some classes. Be sure to study since teachers don’t frequently offer eXtra credit.

You: Your college experience is all about bettering yourself. Leave your mark, follow your heart and all that other seemingly cliché but true advice.

Zumba: A combination of dance and exercise. Classes are offered in the T/W Fitness Center along with yoga, pilates and other fun forms of fitness.


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