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UFC 135: the everyman’s UFC event

“Rampage” Jackson makes UFC entertaining. (AP Photo)

I’m a very casual follower of the UFC. I watch maybe three events per year, tops. And those times usually occur at a place like Buffalo Wild Wings or Applebee’s. I’ll be damned if I’m going to shell out my hard-earned money to Comcast just to see some half-naked dudes punch each other.

However, even for a casual UFC fan like myself, UFC 135 carries weight. I don’t know who the guys are in the first four fights of the main card. I want to say I know who Josh Koscheck is, but I’m not sure. Maybe he was on that “Ultimate Fighter” show or something.

No, when I make one of my thrice-yearly excursions to a jumbo-TV equipped eatery this year, I’m going so I can see Quinton “Rampage” Jackson face Jon “Bones” Jones.

Yes, they have funny nicknames. Everyone in UFC does. It’s worse than professional wrestling. But those two guys are going to be there for one thing and one thing only: beating the everliving shit out of one another.

Why is that so appealing? I don’t know. The whole mixed martial arts thing is actually pretty gruesome. But for whatever reason, me and a whole sports bar full of people are going to be cheering for these two guys to mess each other up.

If you’ve never watched UFC, this event might be the one to start with. This is a fight that isn’t going to be featuring a lot of that pansy wrestling bullshit. I, for one, am appalled when I travel somewhere for food, beer and MMA and am instead greeted with guys fondling each other on the ground for two hours.

In all seriousness, this may just be the fight of the year. I know Brock “Glass Jaw” Lesnar (I made that nickname up) vs. Cain Velasquez was supposed to have been the fight of the year, but that flopped. This one will be entertaining and full of smash-mouth hits.

There are also two very intriguing storylines to this fight: For one, if “Bones” Jones manages to defend his light heavyweight title, he will be the first man in over two years to do so. Secondly, if “Rampage” wins, he will be only the second two-time light heavyweight champion in UFC history.

So, if you’ve never watched UFC, do yourself a favor: Watch this fight. I promise it will make your trip to Applebee’s worth it.


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