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Satisfying your sweet tooth

Nutella on fruit can help satisfy cravings for something sweet. (Tim Lee / Staff Photographer)

By Brittany Schenke

‘Tis the season of eating candy! Hopefully everyone had a sweet Halloween, but now it’s time to throw out the leftover candy. But there are ways to kick the addiction, and you can find the cure in places around campus.

Nutella makes basically anything delicious (apples, bananas, toast, pretzels) and the C-Store now carries it. You’re probably thinking, “But Nutella isn’t healthy.” Well, no, it’s not one of the healthiest things to eat, but everything is all right in moderation, especially if you are having Nutella and fruit instead of a king-sized Snickers bar.

Fruit Medley
What You Need: Apples (Eickhoff, C-Store), bananas (C-Store, the Stud), oranges (Eickhoff, C-Store), Nutella (C-Store).

What You Do: It’s easy and fast. Wash the apple. Cut up the apple, banana and orange. Take a spoon and drizzle some Nutella over the cut up fruit so that there is a little on each piece.

Celery? Yes, it can be sweet. Not only is it low in calories (when it’s raw and plain), it also contains vitamin C and has been proven to help prevent cancer. Don’t skip out on the benefits of celery because it doesn’t really have taste — let’s dress it up!

Celery Logs
What You Need: Celery (C-Store, or sometimes already cut and washed in the Stud and Café), peanut butter (C-Store), dried fruit (C-Store).

What You Do: Cut and wash the celery so that you have a few bite-sized pieces. Spread a layer of peanut butter in the concave of the celery so that it fills half the indent. Cut some dried apples, mangos or cherries into little pieces and push them into the peanut butter. If you find honey at the stud, take some packets. You can add some honey to make the logs even sweeter.

Nuts! Need a power bar for some late night studying? Don’t buy sugary candy bars — you’ll crash. Most snack bars you buy contain a lot of sugar, too. What to do? Make your own.

No-Bake Nut Bars
What You Need: Peanuts, almonds, cashews (all found at either the C-Store, T-Dubs, or in small bags at the Café), dried cherries (C-Store), honey (sometimes in the C-Store or at the Stud), peanut butter (C-Store)

What You Do: Smash up the peanuts, almonds and cashews into small pieces. Cut up the dried cherries, too. If you have the honey, get your hands dirty and mix the pieces of nuts and cherries into the honey until it forms a sticky, firm consistency. Mold it into fun shapes, place on a plate and stick it in the fridge for about two hours. (The thicker you make the shapes, the longer it will need to chill.) If you can’t find honey, do the same but with a little bit of peanut butter.


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