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Letters: In response to “Republicans battle abortion with ‘Protect Life Act”‘

In the Nov. 2, 2011 issue of The Signal, the article “Republicans battle abortion with ‘Protect Life Act’” contained many misconceptions that we want to reveal to the campus.

First, it continually referred to abortion as “reproductive health care.” Unless pregnancy itself is an illness, abortion is not health care. Ireland, a country in which abortion is illegal, has the lowest rate of maternal deaths in the world. Some of its top obstetricians stated that there are no circumstances in which the life of a mother may only be saved by directly terminating the life of her unborn child.
The threat of the back alley abortion, often cited as a reason for legalized abortions is not grounded in reality.

The vast majority of illegal abortions done before Roe v. Wade were performed by licensed physicians. Legal abortion is not empowering to women, as seen by the side effects, which include hemorrhages, infection and more. Women have even died as a result of the procedure. While pro-choice advocates celebrate the alleged right to choose, 80 percent of post-abortive women suffer life-long consequences from this “safe” procedure. As the organization Feminists for Life says: “Women deserve better than abortion.”

The article also insinuated that women ought to be free to choose “on their own moral grounds.” While choice is a good thing, we must draw the line once our choices begin to harm someone else.

After all, what would happen if we let people of different cultures follow their own morals and have “honor killings?”

In addition, the article completely disregarded the pre-born child. Despite the 4-D ultrasounds that show the child smiling and yawning in the womb, pro-choice advocates still cling to the idea that their lives are worthless. In our society, a three-inch trip through the birth canal (or caesarian section) suddenly turns a “clump of cells” into a person with legal rights. Technically speaking, you and I are both clumps of cells. Does that mean we deserve to be killed without justification?

The article ends with the phrase: “We trust women. Do you?”

To sell their highest-grossing product, the abortion industry lies to women, misleading them about the scientific facts of fetal development and the abortion procedure and its effects. Any person or organization who does not reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth clearly has trust issues. Pro-lifers do trust women to make the life-affirming decision when presented with the truth of abortion and provided the necessary means to choose life.

-Monika Potocki

This article reflects the general philosophy and mission of TCNJ Students for Life. To join TCNJ Students for Life, email prolife@tcnj.edu



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