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Pro skater shreds halfpipe at Sig Pi Fall Fest

Red Bull’s Mini Ramp Tour rolled through Sigma Pi’s Third Annual Fall Fest on Saturday, Nov. 19. Fall Fest has become an annual celebration for students before they crack down on their last few weeks before finals.

This year Sigma Pi stepped up the event, enlisting the help of Red Bull. Skaters, both pro and student, dropped in all day to tear up the mini ramp while students watched and danced to the music supplied by the Red Bull MXT, a tank-sized truck equipped with a full DJ booth.

Pro skater Chris Springer (above) skated along with students. (Courtesy of Andrew Spada)

Red Bull-sponsored professional skater Chris Springer made an appearance. Springer got his start during the Pro-Am Dew tour back in 2009, after Red Bull got a chance to see some footage of Springer on his skateboard and offered to sponsor him.

“I was so stoked to be skating for such an established company,” the skater said.

Springer also explained how excited he was to be on the tour.

“The mini ramp tour has been sick. It’s something new in every city,” Springer said.

Springer went on to say how much he enjoyed the atmosphere at the College.

“Fall Fest was ill. I loved the atmosphere,” Springer said. “No huge crowds, no pressure, just doing what I love to do with my homies. I got the chance to meet a lot of cool people, not to mention some beautiful ladies. The DJ was killing and that just added to the vibe. All in all, it was a great experience, and hopefully we get the chance to come back next year.”

According to Springer, skating on the mini ramp tour can be different than the street style of skating.

“If I’m skating a rail or a ledge I will plan a line in my head and won’t be satisfied until I land each trick perfectly,” he explained. “However, mini ramp skating to me is more about the flow and transitions. It’s a little more spontaneous in the sense that there is constant adjusting and reacting. If I can maintain a good flow while hitting some difficult tricks, I’m satisfied.”

When asked what his mindset is while skating, Chris replied, “What goes on in my head when I’m on the ramp, I honestly couldn’t tell you. That’s why I love it. You just kind of go with the flow.”


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