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Cheap Seats: As the Eagles struggle, one man is to blame

By Nate Currie


Though a self-confessed Eagles fan, I’ll admit that Andy Reid needs to go.


The Eagles are in shambles and though Philadelphia fans can put up with a lot, (I’ve watched the Flyers, Phillies and Eagles since the late 1990s and believe me, a lot means a lot) the one thing that irks them is an underperforming team.

In order to understand what went wrong, let’s wade through the team’s wreckage and look at some history.

The Eagles last won a title more than a half-century ago. They lost both Super Bowl games they made it to (1980 and 2004). So, for the team to enter the 2011 season with a powerhouse roster that offered them a glimpse of potential Bowl glory, and enter December with a 4-8-0 record with four games to play is close to the last straw — even for the most diehard fans.

As for the actual team’s capabilities, let’s look at last Sunday’s Patriots game.

The Eagles were 4-of-13 on third down. They were a mere 2-of-4 in the red zone and committed 10 penalties for 60 yards. They failed to pressure Brady and allowed him to control the game from the pocket.

Twice during the game fans chanted “Fire Andy.” Apparently Reid didn’t hear them, but he later agreed that with the way the team played, he “understands.”

So, what’s going to happen to Philly’s beloved boys in green?

A few veterans note that the players are to blame. They, after all, make the plays not Reid.

Yet it’s hard to believe that all the players feel that way. Look, for instance, at the recent butting of heads between Reid and DeSean Jackson. He was benched by Reid during the Arizona game because he missed a special-teams meeting. He sat again during the Patriots game after it looked like he purposely missed a catch that may have resulted in a bruise or two.

According to Reid, he wanted to give other guys an opportunity to play. Jackson graciously admitted he wasn’t having his best streak.

Andy Reid might be on the way out of Philly. (AP Photo)

At the end of the day Jackson may be OK, but will the team?

They’ve proven to be inconsistent and can’t seem to win at home. It’s almost inconceivable to think that they can win their last four games and break even.

Now, it seems, they’re playing for pride alone, and is that enough of a motivator to win games?

The rest of the season looks hairy. The team’s future looks hairier. Reid’s future looks downright furry.


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