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Letter to the editor: Concerning car theft

To whom it may concern,

On Friday, Nov. 18 my car was stolen from the parking garage of TCNJ. All the doors were locked, and windows closed. While the police officers with whom I filed the report with were sympathetic and understanding, that’s about where the civility stopped.

Through no fault of the College, my insurance did not cover the theft. I did not carry a comprehensive policy on my 1994 Honda Accord, and so my insurance company offered no assistance, but I was hoping the college I pay thousands of dollars to attend would at least make an effort to help.

However, after speaking with the Campus Police Department, the parking office and various school administrators, I realized this would not be the case.
The College of New Jersey has done nothing. No apology, no refund of parking pass, no phone call or email, no compensation of any kind in any way.

I realize that it is impossible for the College to be crime-free, but it is possible for them to have some sort of decency, and they should start working on that.
Install cameras, have police officers do more than write tickets, put a gate on every garage, have an officer at the entrances to the College, just do SOMETHING. I was told there were two other thefts besides mine just this month. What will it take for something to change? To make matters worse, after Thanksgiving, I was informed the appeal I had filed for a parking ticket I received had been declined. My car had broken down, and so from Wednesday night to Friday morning I had parked in Lot 6 with my girlfriend’s car. In this time I received a ticket.

I pay over $300 to park on TCNJ’s campus, so I figured they would understand this one instance where I did not have a decal. I filed an appeal, stating the reason for my “lack of a valid decal” but apparently my reason wasn’t good enough. And just to cap it all off, I was left with no choice but to purchase a used car.
When I went to the parking office to get my new decal (which I was assured would be no problem) I was charged $8 for the replacement sticker.

So, just to clarify: $314 Parking Pass, $50 Parking ticket (Issued in the two days I used a different car), $8 fee for the replacement decal and a stolen vehicle

Well done, TCNJ. Thanks for all the help.

Ryan O’Donnell



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