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Here’s a fortune for you — Fuh Wah is quick and tasty

I’m a big fan of sesame chicken, so I set out this past week to find the best sesame chicken in Ewing.

Unfortunately, I’m in college. Therefore, I decided I only had enough money to order one round of Chinese food. Going off of recommendations from a couple of people, I chose Fu Wah Chinese Restaurant.

I decided to order sesame chicken, obviously. But I also ordered a couple of other Fu Wah specialties — cheese steak rolls and Chinese doughnuts. The chicken also came with broccoli (as sesame chicken usually does) and a small container of white rice. It was a pretty good spread, and a lot of food. But hey, what’s Chinese food without leftovers?

With crunchy sesame chicken, deadly cheesesteak rolls and sugary, fried doughnuts, Fuh Wah gets high marks for Chinese food in the area. (Alex Wolfe / Sports Editor)

I decided to try the cheesesteak roll first. It was essentially a spring roll, but instead of veggies it was filled with steak, onions and a lot of cheese. While delicious, I feel that eating more than three of them may have stopped my heart. Good thing I only got two.

Next I dug into my sesame chicken. I have to say, from an affordable Chinese restaurant, it was one of the better sesame chickens I have ever had. Good cuts of chicken, crunchy exterior, and the sauce was very good as well. It was nice, because a lot of Chinese places drown the chicken in sauce and it gets soggy. That was, fortunately, not the case here. The broccoli was good too, just a little crunchy and not overcooked. Overall, the sesame chicken gets high marks from me.

Lastly, I ate the Chinese doughnuts. Basically, they were little balls of dough fried in grease and covered in powdered sugar. Overall they were delicious, but as I said to my roommate afterwards, “It’s kind of just grease and sugar masquerading as bread.” Definitely not for the diet-conscious.

As far as cost goes, it was a tad pricey:  $1.80 for each of the cheesesteak rolls, $9.25 for the sesame chicken and $3.25 for 10 Chinese doughnuts. Total cost was $16.10, plus delivery and a tip for the driver. I ended up just giving the guy an even $20. He deserved it, since the food was to my door within 15 minutes of ordering, but it was a little more than I felt like spending.

Here’s the thing though: I got so much chicken in my sesame chicken order that I was able to eat it for two and a half meals. So it was a pretty good deal. $20 for two and a half meals is OK as far as I’m concerned. The chicken also heated up very well, since it was so crispy to begin with.

Good stuff.

Fuh Wah Chinese Restaurant


1871 North Olden Ave.


Sunday – Thursday:  10:30 a.m. – 10:15 p.m.

Friday & Saturday:  10:30 a.m. – 11:15 p.m.


(609) 882-7770

Web orders:


Ratings (out of 5):

Specialties: * * * *

Entrée: * * * * *

Speed: * * * * *

Cost: * * *

Reheatability:? * * * * ?

Overall: 21/25



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