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Mixed Signals whip together a mixture of laughs

New and old Mixed Signals mixed for a humorous show. (Tim Lee / Staff Photographer)

The house was packed for The Mixed Signals’ first comedy show of the spring semester, bringing together both old and new fans to watch the entertaining antics of the improvisation troupe.

The show kicked off on Sunday, Feb. 27 in the Library Auditorium with a brief shout-out to the new members, known as the “noobs.” It was the first time that the veterans and the new members performed alongside each other all year.

“The new members have been working super hard this semester,” said Jon Eldis, senior psychology major. “They’ve been in training for about a month and a half. I can’t wait to work with all of the new members on the next shows.”

The new inductees only performed in the final activity, called “Crazy Problems.” This was a long form game which incorporated all of the skits from the evening.

At the beginning of each game, audience members were asked to throw out any word they could think of to establish a theme for the skit. In one game known as “Party Perks,” the comedians asked the audience to throw out three quirky roles that they could act out. The audience decided they wanted to see a nerd, a mermaid and Forrest Gump. The comedians then had to amusingly personify these characters at a party.

There were also a series of games like “Continuation,” “Drunk Game” and “Film and Theatre” which involved the usage of the word “ding.” Each time one of the members yelled the word “ding,” the performers on stage were required to switch up whatever they were doing or saying at the time.

In “Continuation” five of the comedians were supposed to act out a lifelong relationship. The audience suggested that the lifelong relationship scenario be turkey farmers. The performers paired off into groups of two where they jokingly role played as if they were turkey farmers. Once a comedian yelled the word “ding”, the performers then acted out the different and random phases of this relationship.

Overall, the first show of the season was met with sidesplitting laughs by a large audience turnout. Whether or not the new recruits were nervous to perform for the first time, they effectively pulled together a great show with the veterans.

Mixed Signals member Dan Loverro, junior biology major, said, “Improv is my favorite thing to do on campus. It’s a place where I can just come be as loud and obnoxious as I want.”

The next Mixed Signals show will be held on Tuesday, March 13 in the Library Auditorium. “This one was by far my favorite show that I’ve seen so far because of all of the new faces,” said audience member Steve Santamarina,  freshman History major.


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