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Cover songs and instruments switch it up at the Rat

Goot brings good tunes

By Kevin Schlittenhardt
Staff Writer

Goot and Wax brought a unique musical twist to the Rathskeller during their sets. (Vicki Wang / Photo Assistant)

YouTube enthusiasts filled the Rathskeller on Tuesday, March 27 as they listened to the sweet melodies of Alex Goot and his covers of famous songs.

Currently on the 2012 DigiTour, Goot and guitar player/wingman, Chad Sugg, decided to make a stop at the College after canceling his previously scheduled appearance earlier in February.

“I reached out to them over the summer and got in contact with their new agent in February,” said senior psychology major and College Union Board Rat coordinator Alison Sotolongo. “They had to cancel when they were picked up for the Digitour. They were both really apologetic about the whole situation.”

Sugg opened for Goot with some love songs that he wrote as well as a cover of a song by Postal Service.

“I haven’t been here in like two years,” Sugg said during his opening set. “But when I come back, no offense, I hate the roads a little bit more.”

Despite feeling under the weather, Goot later joined Sugg on stage. “I’m very sick but I’ve never canceled a show so hopefully my voice doesn’t crack and I won’t sound like Bieber,” Goot said.

The duo played all of their hits, including “We Could Love,” “Pretty Eyes,” the unreleased  “Lightning” as well as some covers — Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” and a medley of Katy Perry, Taio Cruz and Gotye in between their original song, “Sensitivity.”

“I feel like a lot of people on YouTube are auto-tuned,” said Anthony Judilla, senior chemistry major. “But then you hear him sing and you’re like ‘Wow, he sounds just like he does online.’”

After their set, the duo obliged a line of fans with photos and autographs. Goot posed for pictures, exchanged in playful jokes and explained the origins of his tattoos — he had just gotten the Triforce tattooed on his arm for his birthday two weeks ago.

“I’m a huge Zelda fan,” he said. “Only ‘Ocarina of Time’ though, none of the other games.”

Blended sounds

By Thalia Ortiz
Arts & Entertainment Assistant

Mikey Wax rocked the house at the Rathskeller on Friday, March 30 with an interesting blend of blues and rock.

Wax and his band were able to entertain the crowd with a number of upbeat, funky tunes.

Many of the songs performed dealt with the common theme of relationships. One of their songs, “Memory,” was about an average guy trying to woo and win over a beautiful curly-haired girl.

The fusion between electric guitar and saxophone melded together to create a cool, smooth vibe.

However, the tune that really showcased the band’s talent as musicians was called “Real Love,” a song which Wax explained, all about love but doesn’t actually have any words.

For this entirely instrumental melody, the main instrument used was a clarinet, which accompanied the guitar and drums with a classic jazzy sound.

The band was even able to switch it up by playing a romantic ballad called “Dear Hannah,” adding variety and the sweet sounds of a flute to their set. This added to Wax’s efforts to create a diverse array of sounds.

Overall Wax brought a special performance to the Rat by fusing together a number of wind and electric rock instruments, making for an impressive show.


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