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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On March 16, 2012, our son Ryan Alley had a very serious automobile accident, that resulted in his death. Questions remain unanswered, and some answers we will never know.
Was he out that evening in a “safe and organized” environment, to prevent just this type of tragedy?
Was it just “a bad decision” while trying to be a good friend, and not letting your friend drive?
Was he impaired to the point that he was not able to make “a conscious decision”?
The circumstances on that night did not change the final outcome. Whatever decision Ryan made, the consequences were fatal.
All of the testimonies and events now planned will not bring Ryan back to us, his remaining family, and his friends.
So, when you think of Ryan … STOP and realize all of this could have been prevented. If this could happen to Ryan, such a GIANT of a man … it could happen to you. Be conscious of your actions and the results of these actions. THINK about yourself, your friends and the other people on the road.
Ryan had access to everything and unparalleled opportunities. Please remember Ryan as THE LESSON, for what was possible and what he could have accomplished in his life.

Tim and Mary Alley


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