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College cheat sheet: your quick terms list

ABE is another common acronym on campus. It stands for Allen, Brewster and Ely Halls.

The C-Store: Meal points work here. It’s right by one of the entrances to Eick. There’s a sign in front of it that says “Convenience Store.” Don’t call it that.

Doc-ed (sounds like docked): This means being written up for a violation of student code and it’s an unpleasant experience.

Eick (Eickhoff Hall): The dining hall that doubles as an upperclassmen dormitory (all of those windows you see when you look up are dorms and maybe the best ones on campus).

Hassan: Craving a $5 pizza? Call Hassan any time on Tuesday or Thursday – Sunday nights and he will drive to you with one of his famous pizzas. With a group of friends? He’ll probably have enough in his SUV for everybody.

The Loop (Metzger Drive): The big circular road that runs around campus. As freshmen, you won’t be driving on it often, but it makes for a great run at just under two miles.

Loop Bus: This yellow bus will pick you up outside the student center and drop you off at the Quaker Bridge Mall, AMC theatres, the Hamilton train station, downtown Princeton and two strip malls (with Target, Panera, Cheeburger and so much more). It runs on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It makes not having a car much more bearable.

The Towers: Pretty self explanatory, but 2/3 of your class will live in Travers and Wolfe. If you live in these halls, remember, don’t use the elevator unless you live on floor five and up. Seriously.

Meal Equiv: From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each day, many students (and nearly all residential freshmen) get up to $6.50 worth of food that is not deducted from their meal points. This works at the Stud, Rat, Library Café and Kineticart.

The Rat (The Rathskeller): Basically a small pub on campus. You can get all types of grilled and fried food, and when you turn 21 you can buy beer here too. In addition to being home to possibly the best food on campus, The Rat has quality music almost every Friday.

The Stud (Brower Student Center): This oddly shaped building brings you a bookstore, a food court, plenty of seating and pool and ping pong tables. The true treasure of this building lies in the basement, where you can find us, The Signal staff, working hard to provide you with this wonderful newspaper.

T-Dubs: Late night snack? Head down (or, in the case of ABE and Norsworthy resdients, head over) to the basement of the Towers. Burritos, burgers and Ben & Jerry’s are just a small sample of the variety of food T-Dubs offers in exchange for meal points. There’s also an assortment of candy.

Brendan McGrath


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