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Piccolo Trattoria pizza won’t disappoint

Upon returning to Ewing for the semester, there were two places that I couldn’t wait to visit as alternatives to eating in Eickhoff — Piccolo Trattoria and the Ewing Diner.

Though I haven’t had a chance yet to dine at my favorite 24-hour eatery, this past week I headed to Piccolo’s for a late lunch with a few friends. As usual, Piccolo’s did not disappoint.

Located near Stop & Shop on Denow Rd., it is a two-part Italian restaurant. One side is a pizzeria, while the other features fancier dining and cuisines. Personally, I prefer the pizza side.

The beauty of Piccolo’s pizza is that with the variety of toppings available, a single slice becomes a meal within itself.
There’s buffalo chicken pizza, taco pizza, white pizza, cheesesteak pizza, chicken Caesar salad pizza, bruschetta pizza and chicken alfredo pizza, just to name a few.

The menu isn’t limited to cheese, crust and tomato sauce. There are sandwiches and an assortment of other items available for dining or takeout. I’ve previously gone with vegetarian friends, who have gotten veggie paninis and enjoyed them just as much.

With so many toppings, one slice of pizza can become a meal. (Photo courtesy of Erin Moore)

During my recent Piccolo’s trip, I ordered a slice of chicken parm pizza and got a ziti slice to take home for another time because it was too tempting to resist.

While I understand pasta usually belongs in a bowl or on a plate, and not atop a pizza, for some reason it becomes instantly more delicious when placed upon crust.

For less than $10, I got a bottle of water and two meals not prepared by Sodexo. Not that there’s anything wrong with the school’s food, but sometimes it’s great to get off campus and try something else.

Fun fact: Piccolo’s is located next to a Carvel. For anyone who is like me and prefers dessert to actual food, you should save room for post-meal ice cream. It’s definitely a good decision.


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