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Letter to the students: Ewing relations

To our fellow students,

In light of the recent articles written about the off-campus behavior of TCNJ students, it is necessary to address the concerns and frustrations that surfaced as a result of its publication.

It goes without say that irresponsible conduct, destructive behavior, and disrespectful exchanges, either on or off-campus, are not condoned or supported by our campus community. As TCNJ students, we pride ourselves on our academic, leadership, service and athletic accomplishments, which speak to who we are as students. Our service, work ethic, and economic contributions to the Ewing community stem from our understanding that we are just as much a part of the township as we are of TCNJ. Unfortunately, the poor decisions of a few students can overshadow these contributions and negatively impact how the surrounding community collectively perceives us. This narrow focus and closed view of our student body directly conflicts with the principles of open discussion and broader perspective that we value and embody on a daily basis.

This is not the first time we have been painted with such a broad brush and unfortunately; it will not be the last. We must decide now to define ourselves or risk being continually defined by those who do not look beyond what they read in the news. As your Student Government, we are dedicated to continuing to address this issue in a way that ensures our entire campus has a voice. Please pay close attention to communications from us in your inbox as we work to represent a unified student body on this issue. Additionally, our President Christina Kopka, will be speaking on behalf of TCNJ students at the open Town/Gown meeting to take place on October 2, 2012.

In conclusion, the tensions and misunderstandings that exist between TCNJ students and Ewing residents cannot continue to be the central focus of our interactions. The current situation is the perfect opportunity for us to set an example as agents of positive change rather than accept the negative publicity that is presented year after year. We ask you, our fellow students, to join us in our efforts to show Ewing Township who we truly are as members of the TCNJ community.


TCNJ Student Government


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