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Alpha Chi Rho camps for a cause

Brothers of Alpha Chi Rho camped out to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. (Photo courtesy of Steve Sipaque)

Brothers of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity had a charitable campout last week.

Starting on Sept. 25, AXP held their fifth Habitat for Humanity fundraiser, benefiting Habitat  for Humanity’s Trenton branch. They broke their own record and earned $1,005 in proceeds.

“The brothers of AXP camp out on Green Lawn regardless of weather for three days and two nights and we ask for donations and inform people of volunteer opportunities for Habitat,” said Steve Sipaque, philanthropy co-chair for the fraternity.

The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for “the rising problem of homelessness and poverty,” according to Sipaque.

“Being so close to Trenton, TCNJ students are always made aware of the harsh realities of Trenton, and I know many of us in AXP were affected and moved to take a stand and help,” Sipaque said.

This fundraiser was started in fall of 2010 by Dave Patel and his fellow brothers when they were looking for ways to further increase positive relations between the fraternity and the community.

“What also makes this event so successful is that it requires $0 in startup and all proceeds go directly to Habitat,” Sipaque said.

Trenton Habitat volunteers are involved in soup kitchens, home construction, and other efforts.

To further help the cause, the brothers of AXP plan on raffling off a piece of furniture donated by Habitat’s REstore, where donations of furniture and appliances are refurnished and sold cheap, located at 106 Ewing St. inTrenton.

Sipaque extended thanks to his co-chair Kevin Schenk, his fraternity brothers, the Habitat liasion Chelsea Naylor and the TCNJ community.

AXP began its fundraiser with a goal of $500, but reached this by the end of the first day. The second day they upped it to $800 and after reaching that, shot for $1,000. They wound up beating that by $5.

“Everyone was pleasantly surprised,” Sipaque said, “and I can only attribute our success in doubling last semester’s donations to the hard work of the brotherhood and the benevolent attitudes of everyone at TCNJ.”


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