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‘Limitless’ is your conventional action flick

‘Limitless’ is now available on Netflix.
‘Limitless’ is now available on Netflix.

This week, I decided to search through Netflix for a movie to watch and came across the 2011 movie “Limitless.” This movie told the story of a struggling writer, played by Bradley Cooper, who is introduced to a secret drug that “activates more of his brain” and gives him much greater abilities.

When I first heard about the plot of this film, I expected it to simply be a nothing special, cheap, Hollywood action movie with a simple plot line. However, once I watched “Limitless,” I soon realized that my assumptions about it were completely wrong.

Although this was not the most amazing movie I have ever seen, it was actually pretty good. While sticking with a fairly simple core concept of a man taking drugs that make him smarter, this film was able to include a number of other storylines and characters that added to the plot. Along with this, I thought that the cast of this film, which included Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro, also added great qualities to it.

It seems also appropriate to mention the great plot turns that “Limitless” imbibes in. Right down to the very end of the movie, you’re left on the edge of your seat waiting to see what Cooper’s character will scheme up to get himself out of the most harrowing of situations.

“Limitless” was definitely one of those films that you watch purely for the entertainment it provides. While this is the case, it also does so with a surprisingly well-written script, interesting concept and strong cast. In the end, I would definitely recommend that people check out “Limitless” if they are looking for a relatively recent, entertaining action movie. Plus, it’s currently available on Netflix instant play, making it a great choice to kill some time.


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