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‘Pitch Perfect’ boasts laugh-out-loud comedy

‘Pitch Perfect’ has music and comedy in ample quantites.
‘Pitch Perfect’ has music and comedy in ample quantites.

The new comedy “Pitch Perfect” is about Barden University freshman Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, who eventually joins the all-girl a capella group —  The Bellas.

While the group is the laughing stock of campus, Beca joins them and tries to modernize them and help them defeat their all-male a capella group rivals.

Female comedy has definitely become a popular genre of film in recent years, and “Pitch Perfect” is yet another great addition to the list of recent female comedies.

As soon as I saw a trailer for this film, I thought it looked hilarious — which it definitely was. To me, “Pitch Perfect” seemed like a mix of “Mean Girls” and “Glee,” which surprisingly really worked.

Everything about this movie is hilarious. It has a number of humorous and memorable lines, scenes and characters. The cast of this film, which included Anna Kendrick, Skylar Austin, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson without a doubt added to the hilariousness of “Pitch Perfect.”

While this film had a lot of great comedy, it also included a number of pretty catchy montages of different songs.

During the a capella performances, the actors were able to provide the audience with entertaining, catchy and funny routines that just added another element to the movie. This is probably one of the great strengths of “Pitch Perfect.” Mixing the music with its special brand of rambunctious comedy makes for a fun movie  to watch without having to expect too much from it.
Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you laughing and entertained from beginning to end, “Pitch Perfect” is unquestionably a good choice.


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