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Club teams have fun helping Sandy victims

The men’s club ice hockey team took on the women’s club field hockey team in a game of field hockey Sunday afternoon to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The sun shined down brightly on the field on a warm, cloudless day, reminiscent of a summer afternoon spent at the Jersey shore.

Today though, parts of the Jersey shore and other townships across New Jersey lie in ruins.  Flooding, uprooted trees and loss of power are just a few problems facing the recovery efforts across New Jersey.

One area particularly ravaged by the relentless hurricane is Brick Township, where freshman Tyler Viducic of the ice hockey team lives.

Both teams show good sportsmanship in what was more than just a game. (Photo by Amanda Simmons)

After seeing the destruction his town suffered, Viducic insisted he “wanted to do something” to help not only his town, but other areas of New Jersey that were affected.

When asked about the game, Viducic and fellow freshman teammate Christopher Huhn, who is also from Brick, joked in saying, “It’s for a great cause and it’s for fun, but we’re looking for a W.”

According to Viducic, Brick experienced “lots of flooding” and people were displaced from their homes.

Huhn said that familiar places in his town “just don’t exist anymore.” Huhn stated that his basement had five feet of water in it, and the whole room had to be gutted.

With this is mind, Viducic came up with the idea for the charity game.

Freshman field hockey player, Colleen Dean, sarcastically said that the game for fun “should be interesting.”

The game was nothing less than interesting, with the ice hockey team showing up in skirts with painted mustaches.  The players on both sides joked around with one another, as the actual game took a back seat to raising money to help those in need of it.

In the end, the men’s ice hockey team was able to edge out the field hockey team 2-1, but more importantly $1,925 was raised, which will go straight to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

“The game was a huge success and so much fun,” Viducic said. “I’m proud of the money we raised. It’s a significant amount and should really help out.”

The money raised on Sunday will help those affected by the hurricane start to rebuild their homes and lives.


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