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Choirs celebrate Stravinsky

By Gabriella Cameron


Lights illuminated the Mildred and Ernest E. Mayo Concert Hall, the conductor rose to his platform and the accompanist settled at the Steinway & Sons piano as the College Choir, performed their winter concert on Sunday, Dec. 3.

The choirs perform in honor of a famous composer. (Vicki Wang / Photo Assistant)

The College Choirs performed  in celebration of famous composer, Stravinsky.

“I hope you are moved, as we are by Stravinsky’s mass,” said Director John P. Leonard.

The event combined Slovak folksongs and Russian peasant songs that were influenced by the sounds of Stravinsky.

Performances were done by the college choir, women’s ensemble and the chorale, as well as individual singers and assistant student directors.

Senior Elizabeth Flynn was the student assistant director for the song, Bogoroditse Devo.

“I was first introduced to the piece in high school and loved it, so I jumped right on it,” Flynn said.

The choirs have been preparing for the concert for two months.

“We have been rehearsing since October and I am not used to being a soprano, but was very excited, especially for my solo,” said freshman choir member Rachel Fikslin.

Senior Vianna Fagel, a singer from the women’s ensemble, loved the Stravinsky theme because it was “a combination of varied songs, the old and the new.”

During the beginning of the song “To the Mothers of Brazil: Salve Regina,” the female singers aligned the stairs of the stage.

As the song progressed, the singers descended the stairs. Once everyone filled the stage, their voices grew louder and strong enough to fill the entire room.

Director Ryan J. Tibbetts said the event was meant to serve as “a unifying idea, or link, that celebrates the poetry and rhythm of Stravinsky.”

After the concert, the singers and musicians gathered in the lobby with friends and family to celebrate a compelling production by the College Choirs.



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