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Warrior offers dance-worthy party anthems

By Katherine Burke

The genius that showed us the unadulterated symbolism of man-unicorns has produced a new album, and basements of frat boys everywhere could not be more excited.
After all, who could forget the tonal patterns and pure poetry of hits such as “TiK ToK” or “Blow”?

Ke$ha’s hidden allusions to pop culture classics like “A Clockwork Orange” or the Beatles (as with the animated sequence in “Your Love is my Drug”) prove her to be more than a young woman with a passion for glitter and reclaimed clothes from dumpsters.

On her new album, Warrior, Ke$ha proves yet again why she is a guilty pleasure for most, if not all, of us.

With 12 tracks on the general disk and 16 on the deluxe edition, Warrior shows serious growth from the carefree, brushing-with-a-bottle-of-jack persona in her earlier albums.

In general, Warrior has received positive reviews from critics. However, most listeners will only be able to recognize the single that has emerged from the disk, the musical interpretation of that ever popular hashtag, YOLO.

“Die Young” has become an anthem for partiers everywhere, with the opening chords able to elicit a rousing chorus from all corners of the room. It is also Ke$ha’s eighth top-10 hit.

Often a guilty pleasure during everyday life, Ke$ha allows everyone to make the most of the night … (go ahead and finish the lyrics. I’m sure you know them). Used as both a pickup line (“what a shame that you came here with someone”) and an excuse for nights best left forgotten, “Die Young” has become a pseudo-anthem for students everywhere.

Not to be outdone, “Gold Trans Am” from the extended cut of Warrior proves yet again that Ke$ha knows what sells, be it imbibing alcoholic beverages or engaging in the act of coitus.

Though many write her off as another teen sensation, Warrior has proven Ke$ha will have a place in dimly lit basements for longer than anyone would have expected.



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