October 24, 2020

Things get personal over company Herbalife, Bloomberg donates millions to Johns Hopkins University

• Financial titans Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn squared off on CNBC Friday in a fight that became quite personal. The two investors attacked each other’s business integrity and reputations on Wall Street. The argument stemmed over a controversy regarding the company Herbalife, according to CNBC.

• President Obama nominated former prosecutor Mary Jo White to become the new head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Exxon Mobil reclaimed the title of world’s largest company in stock-market value on Friday, Jan. 25. The title had previously been held by Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Atari Inc., maker of the classic video game and over 200 other games, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to sell off its assets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• The problem with lithium-ion batteries that grounded Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners remains a mystery to U.S. air safety investigators. Boeing is hoping for a quick investigation and to soon return its planes to the air, according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, donated $350 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University, which raises his total contributions to the university to $1.1 billion. He is now the most generous donor to an educational institution in history, according to The New York Times.

• A judge approved an $843.7 million financing deal that Kodak hopes will pull it out of bankruptcy protection around midyear, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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