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News Analysis: The Palestinian Nation

The modern Arab-Palestinian people are a divided nation. Since the inception of Israel as an independent Jewish state, Palestinians have found themselves at odds with both Israeli Jews and Arab Jews, as well as at times with their Arab League backers. Historically, Palestinians have been both refugees and rightful inhabitants of Israel, but more recently they have illustrated their collective goal of achieving an independent state.

Nevertheless, conflict between Jews and non-Jewish Arabs in Israel recently became manifest in an eruption of rocket attacks and bombings primarily between the terrorist group Hamas, operating from the Palestinian-occupied Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Defense Force. Yet, it has been increasingly difficult for news media to analyze the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it involves many international political powers.

In reality, news organizations have dutifully covered the horrendous multi-sided violence that has killed many civilians both Israeli and Palestinian. Nevertheless, there seems to be an unconscious ignorance towards the deep-seeded struggles of not only the Palestinians, but those of the Israeli Jews, the Arab Jews and the other peoples who inhabit Israel.



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