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New card game offers lighthearted fun

By Rachel Adelman

Based on the popular game Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity allows a more mature audience to enjoy the hilarity of selecting answers for ridiculous questions.

Cards Against Humanity has become a growing trend among high school and college students and a popular party game, often used as entertainment for groups of friends. Those who have played it have nothing but good good things to say.

Cards Against Humanity emerges as a hit among mature audiences. (AP Photo) things to say.

“This is how Apples to Apples should have been,” said Sean Modri, a psychology and philosophy double major at the College.
Cards Against Humanity is a rather simple game.

Each player is given white cards that have nouns, concepts, actions or phrases printed on them.
Once everyone is handed a certain number of cards, one player is designated as the “Card Czar.”
This player’s job is to pick a black card, which either has a question or a statement with one or more blanks on it.

Each player, excluding the Card Czar, looks through his or her hand and picks the white card that he or she believes best answers the question or fills in the blank.
Once each player has selected his or her card, each will place it face down in front of the Card Czar.

The Card Czar will then shuffle the cards and read through them aloud.  The Czar will choose a winning card based on its hilarity or, in some cases, how dirty it is. The winner receives the black card for that round and the process repeats with a new player as the Card Czar each round.

Once all the cards are used up, the player with the most black cards is declared the winner and the “most horrible” person of the group.

Cards Against Humanity is available for purchase online, but for those who want to save money or do not want “a party game for horrible people” appearing in their credit history, it is also available online at cardsagainsthumanity.com.

With the correct paper, prospective players can print out an official or individualized set of cards.

All that is required is a printer, cardstock paper and an hour or so of cutting.

Recruit your friends to help — it’s a great bonding experience and when you are done, you can play the game.

Although not for the pure souls, Cards Against Humanity is a great way to connect with friends and meet new and interesting people. Simply asking, “Do you want to play Cards Against Humanity?” can bring hours of amusement and even spark a long-term friendship.



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