Thursday, June 17, 2021

Rubber up

Planned Parenthood, a national health organization, is known for providing contraception to those in need. By that, we mean college students. (AP Photo)

By Susan Pereny


It’s hard to live at a dorm at TCNJ and not see information about condoms. We’re constantly told to practice safe sex with posters, programming and articles. Yet despite this, there’s still a large embarrassment factor with obtaining condoms.

When I did my service hours last year for my WGS class (I tabled in the student center giving out condoms with some classmates), I was taken aback at how many people were embarrassed to pick up condoms. Why is it that condoms, or any other form of birth control, seem to be something that must be hidden? Why is there shame about being healthy?

Feb. 14 to 21 marks National Condom Week, which began appropriately with Valentine’s Day. And let’s be honest, no one really wants to buy condoms from the C-Store when they’re located only behind the counter. Luckily, we have other options on campus.

The Signal has already helped to spread awareness about “CondAm,” and we can’t forget that we also have a Planned Parenthood group located conveniently in Eickhoff open Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Planned Parenthood is the absolute leader in preventative measures and promoting sexual health. Condoms are 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy when used consistently and correctly, and they are also extremely effective at reducing your risk of some of the most common sexually transmitted infections, like HIV/AIDS. So let’s educate ourselves, be safe, get some, and (literally) get it on.


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