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Soloists perform noteworthy covers

By Liz Wimberg
Staff Writer

The College Union Board hosted a Student Soloist Night at the Rathskellar on Friday, Feb. 15. Performers included Jacob Perlman, Sam Moeller, Ryan Manheimer and Gary Kehoe, who each had the opportunity to perform 45-minute sets in front of friends and family.

Performers take the stage at the last soloist event of the semester. (Jankia Berridge / Staff Photographer)

As sound check finished, the lively audience filtered in, seats filled up, and the show began.  Friends shouting requests from off stage, proud parents taking photos, and enthusiastic applause all fostered the convivial atmosphere which remained throughout the evening.

Perlman, a sophomore biology major from Toms River, N.J., took the stage first on vocals and acoustic guitar. He dedicated his cover of the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” to his mother who was present at the show.

Moeller, a junior civil engineering major of Shrewsberry, N.J., followed with the second set of the night.
Along with covers of Ed Sheeran, Freelance Whales and The Shins, Moeller also played a few original tracks. Moeller has been playing guitar for just over seven years.

“I really love any music that tells a story,” Moeller said. “Folk music really does a fantastic job of that.”
He finds folk music both relaxing and relatable, but his work derives from an eclectic array of sources. Some of his favorite artists include City & Colour, The Front Bottoms and Gaslight Anthem.

The third set was performed by Manheimer, sophomore mathematics major from Bay Head, N.J.
In accordance with the jovial atmosphere, Manheimer depended on the audience for a few forgotten verses.

“I’m terrible at remembering lyrics,” he said, but luckily the crowd came through. His sets included songs by Mayday and Say Anything’s “Alive with the Glory of Love.” Manheimer is a self-taught musician and has been playing guitar for five years. He also plays bass guitar, drums and piano. Kehoe closed the show, and eventually the crowd died down.

This was the last of the Soloist Nights for the semester, but there will be Student Band Nights at the Rat on Feb. 22 and April 30.


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