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‘Golden Boy’ cop series arrests its audience

A new show that I have quickly become a fan of is the CBS drama “Golden Boy.” This show centers around the meteoric rise of the young and ambitious cop, Walter William Clark, who becomes the youngest police commissioner for New York City.

As he tells his story in an interview, Clark flashes back to the difficult and strenuous journey to his position as police commissioner. As Clark reflects upon his journey, he frequently demonstrates and recognizes the different lessons he learned from his father-like partner, detective Don Owen.

The CBS cop drama ‘Golden Boy’ presents a captivating plot line in its first season. (AP Photo)

When I first heard about this new show, I just thought it was going to be yet another cop drama without many unique storylines to offer. However, once I watched the pilot episode of “Golden Boy,” I quickly realized that my assumptions were wrong. Right from the first few minutes of its pilot episode, this show had me asking questions and wondering where exactly its storyline was going to go.

I definitely think that the fact that a show can grab its audience’s curiosity right from its first scene says a lot about the show’s writers. So far, “Golden Boy” has developed with a smartly crafted script and plot line. Already, this show has had a number of twists, mysteries and surprises that continue to build upon each other and add more interesting elements.

Along with its script and storyline, the cast of “Golden Boy” is also quite good. The cast, which includes, Theo James, Chi McBride, Kevin Alejandro and Bonnie Somerville, already has a good amount of chemistry and talent.

Although the show has only had a couple of episodes so far, I am already interested in each of the characters and have varying opinions and sentiments about each. More often than not, it takes a lot longer for me to feel this way about a show’s characters, which definitely says a lot about this show’s cast and writers.

While “Golden Boy” has only had a few episodes so far, it has definitely already made an impression and hooked me. I would really recommend catching up and watching “Golden Boy” and find out for yourself that this is definitely not like other cop dramas.


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