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Devine intervention — indie rock at the Rat

By Shirley Guzman
Staff Writer

Kevin Devine headlined a lively show in the Rathskeller on Friday, April 12, also featuring Geoff Rickly and the Dundees.
The Dundees, an indie rock band from the College, opened the College Union Board’s show.

Kevin Devine proves to be a crowd pleaser at Friday’s Rat Show. (Janika Berridge / Photo Assistant)

The band offered the audience free sample CDs and signed autographs from eager fans.
After two-and-a-half hours of being on public transportation, Rickly, the frontman from the band Thursday, arrived and took over the stage following The Dundees performance.

He sang some of Thursday’s old hits upon the audience’s requests, and a few songs from the solo albums he’s working on. Rickly’s vocals were very captivating.

“When he opened his mouth, I was shocked because I haven’t seen anyone that good live in a long time,” said Ellen Plattman, sophomore math and music double major.

Rickly opened up his performance with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” and closed up his act with the song “Climax” by Usher. He shared with the audience how much music means to him and how music has helped him through hard times.

His songs are available online and are free to download. He made it clear that he had no care to gain money off his music. His gain comes from making his fans happy. Rickly has been a part of different bands, including United Nations.

He will be touring with John Nolan from Taking Back Sunday this upcoming May, and with Vinnie Caruana, formely of The Movie Life, in June.
The last performance of the night was done by Kevin Devine, an indie rock singer who is well known for his solo acts and for being a member of Bad Books.

Devine is originally from Brooklyn. He released his first solo album, “Circle Gets the Square,” in 2002 and has continued to play music ever since. Kevin Devine had fans singing along to all his songs and yelling out songs they wanted to hear.

The audience was very in tune with his music and taking in the moment.
If you are looking for softer indie-inspired rock, then Kevin Devine is definitely an artist to check out.


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