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Fedelo’s: Not bad, not good enough

I’ll admit that I’m the biggest baby in the world when it comes to rain and cold. And, as you probably know, it was pretty darn rainy and cold on Friday. So, to put it simply, there was no way that I was walking to Eick for mediocre food.

Because I refused to walk anywhere for food, I decided to order in from Fedelo’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria.

Fedelo’s skimps on shrimp scampi, but doesn’t screw up chicken parm. But how difficult is it to screw up chicken parm? (Amy Reynolds / Managing Editor)

I’d never had Fedelo’s before, and I can’t quite remember how I heard about it in the first place, but I figured it couldn’t be too awful, as most Italian Pizzerias and Restaurants are pretty good.

My friend and I split two entrées: shrimp scampi and chicken parmigiana. Both dinners came with garlic bread and a side salad.

When we ordered, we were told that it’d be about a 50-minute wait for our food, which was a little disappointing because we were so hungry. What was even more disappointing, however, was the fact that our food took well over an hour to get here. We ordered at around 7:20 and our food arrived at around 8:45.

By the time it did get here, though, we were really excited.

We started with the salad, which came with one slice of a tomato, one slice of a cucumber, white onions and olives — it was pretty typical. The dressing was also just straight up olive oil, which was a little disappointing (as well as really messy).

After eating half of our tiny salads, we dug into our meals. I started with the chicken parm as my friend started to devour the shrimp scampi.

I’d say that it’s pretty hard to screw up chicken parm. And I’d also say that’s exactly what it was: not screwed up. It was certainly good, but nothing special. In my opinion, it would have greatly benefitted from more cheese, and I definitely prefer the chicken parm at my hometown’s diner. It was definitely a large portion, though. In addition to a massive amount of pasta, there were three large pieces of chicken included in the meal.

The shrimp scampi was also average. The sauce was really good — a mix of lemon, garlic and butter — but I wish there had been more shrimp (there were only five pieces). Lately I’ve been on a seafood kick, and there definitely wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving.

Somehow we managed to finish all of the food, including the “garlic” bread (of which there was no actual garlic). I kind of felt sick the rest of the night, though. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re starving and forced to wait over an hour for your meal and then stuff your face.

Fedelo’s definitely wasn’t bad — it’ll beat Eick any day. It was a little expensive, though. Each meal was approximately $15. There were cheaper items on the menu, but anything with meat or seafood in it was at least $12.

I don’t think I’ll be ordering from Fedelo’s any time soon. But if you want to give it a shot, go for it. It won’t be terrible, but you won’t be wowed either.

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor



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