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Timely film carried by cast

There have been plenty of movies made about the President being kidnapped, the White House being destroyed, and even Air Force One being taken over. However, I had yet to see a film about the President being held hostage in the White House itself until I watched “Olympus Has Fallen.”

This film follows a disgraced former Secret Serviceman who is able to get inside the White House as it is under a terrorist attack. While using his inside knowledge and experience, he is able to work with national security in order to rescue the President from his kidnappers.

When I decided to see this film I honestly did not have very high hopes for it; however, I was pleasantly surprised. While the plotline of “Olympus Has Fallen” was not really all that original, it did have certain interesting elements. Something that really stuck out to me about this movie, though, was how relevant it is.

With the recent developments in North Korea, many people are concerned about possible attacks on either the United States or its allies. In “Olympus Has Fallen,” the White House is attacked and taken over by anti-American Korean-led guerrilla forces. While I do not think that this will actually ever happen, I think this film definitely worked to be relevant to particular concerns and fears that many Americans may have.

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ takes a fictional approach to the White House. (AP Photo)

While the storyline of this film was decent, it actually had a pretty impressive cast. The cast of “Olympus Has Fallen” included Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo and Dylan McDermott. With this cast, I thought that “Olympus Has Fallen” was definitely able to give itself a certain edge that it would have lacked otherwise.

In the end, I would recommend seeing “Olympus Has Fallen.” Although this film lacked in a number of areas, it is a decent action movie. It was definitely entertaining, kept my attention, and is worth checking out.


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