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Distinguished indie flick / Film ‘guarantees’ time travel trip

Time travel is usually a pretty popular topic for movies. Oftentimes, these types of movies deal with the consequences of this power and its effects. This is what the film “Safety Not Guaranteed” tries to address.

This independent movie follows a group of magazine writers who decide to write a story about a man seeking a partner to travel back in time with him. Ultimately, one of the interns is able to go undercover and becomes involved with the aspiring time traveler.

While the plotline of “Safety Not Guaranteed” may have at first seemed pretty unoriginal, this film was able to add additional elements in order to stand out.

Despite the fact that it obviously dealt with the idea of time traveling, “Safety Not Guaranteed” focused on its fundamental characters and their reasons for wanting to time travel. Keeping with the central theme of wanting to go back in time, “Safety Not Guaranteed” addressed how people often want to turn back time by acting young and outrageous, revisiting high school girlfriends and running away from adulthood.

Although this film’s storyline and themes definitely stood out, its cast did even more. The cast of “Safety Not Guaranteed” included Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Karan Soni. Each of these actors, especially Duplass and Plaza, were able to give their characters subtle and extremely important qualities that undoubtedly set them apart from other characters.

Film’s exploration of time travel proves to be underrated. (AP Photo)

Finally, “Safety Not Guaranteed” is without a doubt a film that did not gain as much attention and popularity as it deserves. Although the idea of time traveling has obviously been done quite a bit in other movies, this film is able to set itself apart from the rest. It not only focuses on actual time traveling, but deals with more realistic issues that everyone getting older goes through and can relate to. Ultimately, I would definitely recommend checking “Safety Not Guaranteed” out.


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