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Packer Hall stairwell gets artsy upgrade

By Emily Wisniewski


The main stairwell in Packer Hall is getting a sporty and artistic make-over. “Ride the Wave of Fitness For Life,” — the name of the mural project — is aimed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to students at the College.

The new mural is aimed to facilitate active lifestyles. (Photo Courtesy of HES Department)

Each step aside of the art mural represents one step to a healthier you and the placement of the mural is symbolic in that it is along the side of a staircase rather than next to the elevator.

Carol Wells, creator of the project and program assistant at the health and wellness center, was inspired by a similar concept that was done for the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton, N.J. Wells, a previous office manager at the College’s Art Department, has an extensive background in art as well as exercise science and fitness. These two interests helped her in the creation and planning of the new campus mural.

Wells decided to reach out to the Art Student Association, and she provided them with all materials, supplies and funding for the project. ASA donated their time to work on the mural for the past month and a half.

The mural is still a work in progress, but so far has been a great success with the help of the health and exercise science club and ASA, enabling them to work together to promote a healthier lifestyle among students at the College. Sophie Kay, ASA president, Ryan and Kyle Czepie helped to lead the painting portion of the project with the support and assistance of Marielle Austin, HES Club president,  Kirsten Clark, of the College’s Athletic Department and HES faculty workers.

“Ride the Wave of Fitness For Life” is a beautiful addition to the dated building and depicts all campus sports, both men and women, along the walls up to the second floor of the building.

Volunteers and faculty in the HES department will continue to add other additions to the “Ride the Wave” mural this summer. They hope to incorporate all campus sports and plan to include tennis and hockey players as well as volleyball scene.

“Ride the Wave of Fitness for Life” mural is estimated to be completed by this upcoming fall semester.


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