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Review: ‘The Heat’

By Chris Minitelli
Staff Writer

Probably one of the funniest movies that I have seen in awhile has to be this summer’s blockbuster hit, “The Heat.” This movie centers on an uptight, rule-abiding FBI agent, played by Sandra Bullock, and a foul-mouthed, tough Boston cop, played by Melissa McCarthy. When Bullock’s character is sent to Boston to investigate a high-profile case, she ends up teaming with McCarthy.

The unlikely pair eventually get themselves caught up in a number of extreme situations throughout their investigation, which keeps the audience constantly laughing and excited.

As I was watching “The Heat,” I could not help but think how great of a comedic pair Bullock and McCarthy make. Personally, I think both of these actresses are great on their own. However, once they are put together, they can definitely play off of each other’s great talents and make their performances even better.

I would highly recommend watching “The Heat,” especially if you just want to have a great laugh and get yourself ready for the already rumored sequel.

McCarthy and Bullock trade lines and costumes in this summer's biggest comedy hit. (AP Photos)


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