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Gym a bit rusty

By Brielle Urciuoli

Treadmill junkies and iron-pumpers alike want a comfortable workout environment. If rusty weights and cardio machines that are squeaky, frequently unavailable and usually broken is what you are looking for, then the College’s Personal Enhancement Center is the place for you!

It’s acceptable for people to leave a good weight-lifting session covered in sweat or lifting chalk. But rust? Copper-colored hands seem to be a theme for the College’s weights and kettlebells. It seems that the humidity and age finally caught up to the gym’s equipment.

Next, what’s worse than calling ahead of time to reserve a treadmill or elliptical machine and showing up to realize you will evidently be “that person” squeaking through your whole workout? No matter how loud gym-goers turn up the volume on their iPods, that noise is painfully inescapable. What if you don’t call to reserve the machine at all? Between the limited amount of treadmills and the fact that nearly half of them will be broken at any given time, you might just be forced to get rusty with the weightlifters at the other side of the PEC.

Despite the crowds, rust, squeaks and other PEC problems, most of us still resort to going there weekly, or even daily, to get in shape. While there are great Zumba, yoga, crossfit and other workout classes available, the PEC is still home to those who choose to workout on their own. Should their workouts be compromised just because they’re not class-lovers or varsity athletes? The obvious answer is no.

Avid PEC-goers and supporters might argue that it has all the basic necessities that a gym should have. Looking from a bare minimum standpoint, one might say they are right. But is updated equipment and a little more elbow room asking for too much? Hopefully these issues get addressed sooner rather than later.


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