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Raining? Dome worry!

By Bryan Halpem

Tropicana Field, Sandy Cheeks’s residence and Springfield in “The Simpsons Movie.” What do all of these places have in common? They all have domes. The dome was invented in 1776 by Benjamin Franklin as a means to protect the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from British invasion.

Domes could be the key to academic excellence (AP Photo)

Over time, engineers and architects have perfected the art of dome-building for other purposes — protection from rain, alien invasions, etc. While an alien invasion is not really an issue right now, rain has been getting in my way of enjoying regular daily activities, such as sunbathing, picnics and Uno outside. It is for this reason that I propose the College builds a dome around campus. This dome can have a retractable roof that opens when the weather is nice but closes when the forecast is gloomy. A dome would make campus life that much better. It would also attract more smart students so we can keep moving up the academic leaderboard among regional middle-sized schools in the Northeast.



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