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Special Pizza City

By Erica Schultes

My friends and I first started ordering from Special Pizza City during our freshman year and have been in love with its pizza ever since. Needless to say, I was eager to see one of my favorite eateries in Ewing finally featured in The Signal, but I was soon disappointed that a review written about a pizza place did not include a single mention of their actual PIZZA. With topping combinations like chicken, broccoli and ranch (much less dry than the Piccolo’s version), my personal favorite of chicken, spinach, bacon and honey mustard, or even just a plain cheesy pie, you really can’t go wrong with anything that comes out of their ovens.

While I have also tried the shrimp and broccoli alfredo, and I do admit the shrimp, the garlic breadsticks and yes, even the sauce (of which they will happily give you a little extra if you simply ask for it) are delicious, there is so much more on their menu worth trying and reviewing. One taste of their juicy, marinated, grilled chicken salad, and you’ll be even more disappointed in Eickhoff’s usually extra charred chicken.

Also, the cool thing about ordering on GrubHub is that each restaurant’s page shows you what the most popular and frequently ordered items are on the menu. These can be helpful suggestions, especially if you’re ordering from someplace new for the first time. And although Reynolds unfortunately had to wait the full hour for her delivery, usually it requires much less time to reach your dorm, unless you’re ordering right around dinnertime on a Friday or Saturday night.

And finally, I was a bit put off by Reynolds’s jab at Special Pizza City’s name. Ask any local resident of Ewing or even do a quick Google search, and you’ll find that this name has been a part of Ewing since the 1960s. You can’t expect any restaurant owner to just up and change a name that holds over 50 years of a town’s cultural memory just because it’s “not the most appealing.”

Overall, I’m still glad Special Pizza City has gotten some extra attention, and I encourage you to take Reynolds’s advice and try it for yourself the next time you’re craving real pizza or maybe something new.


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