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‘Prodigy’ or not, plenty of talent

The atmosphere at the Rathskeller was electrifying on Friday, Sept. 27 as Northern Faces and Makeshift Prodigy gave two high-energy performances that dazzled listeners.

Northern Faces kicked off the show. The boys from Albany played songs from their recently released EP, “Southern Faces.” They gave students a sample with songs, such as “You Not Me,” “Under My Skin” and “Finding Hope.”

The alternative rock outfit plays hits such as ‘Under My Skin.’ (AP Photo)

Their music draws inspiration from “everything from old-school bands like The Beatles to newer bands like The Black Keys and Band of Horses,” vocalist and guitarist Bryan Shortell said.

This was their first time playing at the College, but they enjoyed the positive attention and support they received from students.

“It was great. Everyone has been really cool to us,” Shortell said.

The headline band of the night, Makeshift Prodigy, performed at this year’s Lollapalooza.

“(The festival) was amazing,” said the band’s lead singer Anthony Bagnara, of the annual music festival. “Every year I was always telling myself and my friends, ‘You know next year we’re going to play,’ and finally this year we got to play it. It was a big honor for us.”

Even though the turnout was not enough to fill up the Rat, the band still treated the crowd to a show worthy of a full house. Their performance was laden with on-stage theatrics, as Bagnara climbed to the top of his piano mid-song to entertain the crowd.

“I liked the energy,” senior digital arts major Christine Austin said.

Most of the songs the band played came from their most recent studio album, “Mathematica,” and their previous EP “Illuminate.”

Throughout their six-year history, they have always looked to their love of making music for guidance.

“All of us are very passionate about music — that’s really been our driving force,” Bagnara said.

In the long run, their goal is to win one of the coveted awards in the music industry.

“End all be all is winning a Grammy,” said Bagnara, cracking a smile at the prospect.

“I think they put on a very good performance. Both bands really connected with the audience,” freshmen open options major Oliva Higbee said.



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