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Golden Empire takeout falls to No. 1 China

There’s nothing better than take-out Chinese food on a rainy day when being productive just isn’t in the cards and Eickhoff just won’t cut it.

An order of sesame chicken and lo mein noodles is the right dish to make the best out of a rainy night. (Julie Kayzerman / Nation & World Editor)

Luckily, the surrounding area is filled with an array of quality Chinese cuisine options, so I hopped into my car and drove about 10 minutes to Lawrenceville Township’s Golden Empire to try something new.

In the mood for my personal favorite, I ordered the sesame chicken and white rice along with a side of plain lo mein. Its aroma tortured me during the 10-minute drive back to campus, before I could savor the meal. I should’ve just asked them for delivery, but I felt like going for a drive.

My excitement was so unbearable that I snuck a few noodles on the way as I hiked back to Decker in the rain.

The chicken was so sweet and tangy with well-distributed sesame seeds on top. The portion size was also good, leaving me with leftovers for a delicious, non-Eick dinner the next day.

The white rice that came on the side was cooked to perfection and tasted wonderful when mixed in with the sauce from the chicken. The chicken also came with a few pieces of broccoli that were probably tasty. But I don’t like broccoli, so your guess is as good as mine.

The lo mein on the side was definitely satisfying, although it wasn’t as good as other restaurants like No. 1 China, where I could’ve gotten an egg roll with my meal for roughly same price I paid for this one, $12.45. Overall, the lo mein was fine, but it just wasn’t as great because it seemed a tad burnt, with a “charcoal-y” taste.

I was certainly full after my meal and excited for the next day’s leftovers, since it was delicious. But I’m not sure I’ll be ordering from there again, as No. 1 China certainly is still number one.

I did learn how to say “cherry” in Chinese from my fortune cookie, though, so bonus points there.


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