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‘Mom’ an embarrassment to the CBS family

One of the new shows to air this season is CBS’s sitcom, “Mom.” The show revolves around the relationship between Christy, a recently-sober single mother, and Bonnie, Christy’s not-so-perfect mother. The show begins when the two run into each other at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after years of not speaking. After reuniting, Bonnie decides to become a part of her daughter’s life again and help fix her problems.

‘Mom’ tries to be a dark comedy, but it comes across as mean-spirited instead. (AP Photo)

“Mom” was one of the few shows that I was looking forward to seeing, but it has been pretty disappointing so far. The two leads of the show, Anna Faris as Christy and Allison Janney as Bonnie, are pretty strong. But the writing has not been up to par. I frequently found myself not understanding why or how particular lines were supposed to be so funny, as the laugh track just kept going. Most of the dialogue, especially the punch lines, comes across as very awkward and lacking substance. While “Mom” has tried to go down the cruel or dark comedy route like many other sitcoms, it seems to only come across as a mean-spirited mess without the much-needed comedy.

Although “Mom” has definitely had a rough start, it is still only a few episodes into its season. The creator, Chuck Lorre, also helped create hits such as “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Due to Lorre’s great track record, I think that this sitcom definitely has potential and can improve once it takes off. “Mom” may just need a few more episodes to finally find its place. Once it does that, I think it will definitely become one of the season’s newest hits.


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