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Student band night covers hit, then goes punk

The tables in the Rathskeller quickly filled for the Student Band Night on Friday, Nov. 1. Hosted by the College Union Board, the event gives students at the College a chance to put their creative efforts under the spotlight and encourages them to follow their passions for music.

Three all-male bands took the stage throughout the course of the night. Each was allotted 45 minutes to play their music, and the time was well-spent. Through an array of cover songs from bands such as The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday and more, the audience felt welcomed by the familiarity of the music.

The three bands also introduced many original songs, which were continuously well-received by listeners.

Of the night’s performances, two were by acoustic bands. The first consisted of a guitarist and keyboardist, while the other band only consisted of a guitarist. Both played acoustic covers of popular music, which kept the audience tapping their feet and enjoying the spot-on vocals.

The third band sported two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer, jamming to punk rock in the style of other groups like Blink-182. They also incorporated original songs into their set. During their last song, their enthusiasm got a group of students to their feet, dancing in front of the stage.

Freshman open options major Olivia Higbee joined the stage with the first acoustic band to perform a cover of Paramore’s “Still Into You.”

“I really like Student Band Night,” Higbee said. “It gives students the opportunity and freedom to perform whatever they want, which they don’t usually have. It also gives the audience a chance to relate to performers. These are their peers, not professionals. It’s a great atmosphere.”

CUB’s organizational skills were also a huge factor in the show’s success. The performances were well-prepared and prompt. With the efficient transitions between bands and equipment changes, the audience was never disengaged, and the show was a success.


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